Sunday, 14 October 2012

UniClicker ( bot) by MikiSoft

Description: With this clicker you can create and use configurations to automatically click on links…

Comment: This is the first application for custom link clicking. With your own configurations, you can configure this program to click on any link that you want, and manipulate with other configurations…

- Create and edit configurations;
- Options: Proxy, Cookie, Wait between links, Load timeout, Execute Batch command(s);
- Additional options: Minimize to tray, Always on top.

Configurations (4):, AimUrl,, Linkbucks.

Change log:

* First released version; option “Make silent clicker” isn’t yet enabled

Download links:

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Adfly Bot may 12 update

AdFlyer is a Multi-threaded Link viewer with Multiple-Proxy and Links support.


# Multi-threading support.
# Multiple Proxy list support in the format of IP:PORT
# Custom wait time.
# Visit Preview.
# Optional Loop.
# Clean Error logs.
# Drag & Drop support.

Download Link: